North Star Heroes

Avengers, Dinner, Shopping and clandestine meeting

St. Louis Park West End Mall

First Supervillain Crime in the Twin Cities


St. Louis Park West End Mall


The Story

Armadillo It was a lovely Friday evening at the St. Louis Park West End Mall when a gang of thugs with shotguns attacked shoppers, dinners, and theater goers at the mall. The police later reported that the thugs were in the hire of a Supervillain known as Armadillo. As this photograph shows, Armadillo is a very tough Supervillain. But on this day, Armadillo and his thugs were meet by the Twin Cities very first superheroes.

Ikon theaterCorner with crave

Armadillo and his thugs fought against Azerath, Blue Lightning, GigaVolt, and Penthesilea. After a short and dramatic fight, the heroes had defeated Armadillo and his thugs without a single innocent being injured.

The rest of the story

This is where the heroes add their comments about the fight

Gigavolt’s story

Well I had just finished watching The Avengers with my family and as we are about to exit the theater when I spot 2 thugs with shotguns. Not wanting my family to be in danger I have them head back up stairs to the upper level of the theater. After that I ducked behind a corner near a play pen area and engaged my suit. As I exited the theater I see Blue Lighting attack one of the thugs and I blasted the other thug with a lightning bolt. As I round the theater I see a dumpster upended and almost blocking off the alleyway. So I jumped on top of it just in time to see Armadillo emerge from the ground after trying a weaker lightning on him I realize a full power lightning bolt will be necessary and after blasting him once he realized it was wise to give it up. After a brief chat with Armadillo we turned him and his armor over to the police. Next week Blue Lightning, Azerath, Penthesilea, and I showed up at a lake for a meeting to discuss what happens next.



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