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St. George Apartment Fire


Apt fire

The Story

A roaring fire at a 93-year-old apartment building just south of downtown Minneapolis started in an electrical room in the basement, authorities said Friday.

The fire early Wednesday in the 32-unit brick building at 137 E. 17th St. forced dozens of people out of their homes and for a time sent smoke drifting across Interstate 94. No serious injuries were reported.

While the Fire Department’s arson unit has pinpointed the fire’s origin to the electrical room in the northwest corner of the St. George Apartments, investigators could only say that its cause is “an unspecified electrical malfunction.”

As 45 firefighters battled the blaze, two super powered people arrived to help the firefighters rescue people trapped on the top floors of the building.

Later it was discovered that the two super powered people are Blue Lightning and GigaVolt.

Three Alarm Fire Video

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