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Wrecking a Nuke Plant is just our thing

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My or...

Supervillains and Superheroes and Nuclear Reactors … OH MY


Prairie Island Nuclear Power Plant


The Story

ThunderballThe infamous Wrecking Crew invaded the Prairie Island Nuclear Power Plant. The brilliant physicists, Dr. Franklin, aka Thunderball was siphoning off energy directly from the power system into what has been described as a ‘battery’. The Wrecking Crew were surprised by our very own North Star Heroes.

Azerath Blue Lightning GigaVolt Penthesilea
Azerath2sm Blue lightningsm Gigavoltsm Penthesileasm
Wrecker Thunderball Piledriver Bulldozer
Wrecker Thunderball Piledriver Bulldozer

WreckcrewAs can be seen in this plant surveillance video, the entire Wrecking Crew ended up next to each other when the superhero GigaVolt dropped in from above, grabbed the members of the Wrecking Crew and transformed all of them and himself into a bolt of lightning.

Outside surveillance cameras captured that GigaVolt and the Wrecking Crew were outside the plant in a large meadow nearby. Very quickly Azerath, Blue Lightning, and Penthesilea appeared at the battle was on.

Lightning boltAt various points during the battle Piledriver got blasted by lightning from GigaVolt after Piledriver was thrown in the air.

Even though Wrecker is considered the strongest member of the Wrecking Crew, it was Thunderball who caused the North Star Heroes the most trouble.

At one point during the battle there was a brilliant flash of light when Blue Lightning smashed his foot onto the ground. Which caused everyone nearby to get knocked down.
Dawn strike 1

In the end the North Star Heroes were able to defeat the Wrecking Crew.



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