An angel with big white wings and a flaming sword


General Information
Character Name – Gabrielangel7.jpg
Secret ID Name – Marcus Daniels
Group Affiliation – North Star Heroes
Physical Description
Superhero Form
Age – appears to be in his mid twenties
Sex – Male
Height – 6’1"
Weight – 180
Skin – White
Hair – Long Blond
Distinguishing Features – Large white wings, flaming sword, looks like an angel
Secret ID Form
Age – 29
Sex – Male
Height – 5’9"
Weight – 155
Skin – White
Hair – Short brown
Distinguishing Features – none
Character Information
Appearance (Hero and Secret ID)
Marcus Daniels is an average looking man, tall and thin with brown hair and brown eyes.

Gabriel looks like an angel. He is slightly taller than Marcus, with long blond hair. He has large (12 foot wing span) white wings and is wearing the leather armor of a Roman gladiator and wields a flaming sword.

Outward Attitude
Gabriel pretends to be more innocent and naive than he actually is. He is purposely vague as to whether or not he is really an angel (especially as he isn’t really sure himself). He places a high value on human life and will not hesitate to place himself in harm’s way to save or protect an innocent life.

Marcus wants to learn more about the necklace that gives him his angel form and wants to discover the true source of his powers.

Routine Activities
Gabriel doesn’t currently seek out crime to fight. He steps in when he sees a need but is still figuring out his place in the world. He will never ignore somebody in need.

Gabriel regularly sneaks in to area hospitals late at night to try and help people that he feels are deserving of a second chance. He tries his best to keep these activities secret as he doesn’t want it widely known that he has the ability to cure people of diseases that are normally terminal. He is worried that if this information becomes public that he will be hounded constantly by people begging to be cured, and that if he does it too much that it will upset some kind of cosmic balance. However, despite his best efforts, a small handful of doctors and nurses (and of course patients) are aware of his ability. So far they have kept his secret… however there are rumors that the Twin Cities have had an extraordinary number of people being miraculously cured overnight.

Financial Status
As a paramedic, Marcus makes a modest salary that allows him to pay his bills, but does not allow for extravagances.

Marcus has friends and family that I will provide details on later.

Enemies (and why)
Gabriel doesn’t really have any enemies, although he is being watched by several churches and religious organizations who are trying to determine if he is the real deal, or some kind of (blasphemous) hoax.

There are probably some demonic/Satanic groups out there that would love to eliminate (or disect) Gabriel.

Physical Problems
{Gabriel has large white wings with a 12 foot wing span. While they don’t cause him any specific problems, they are hard to conceal and may cause problems in confined spaces.

Psychological Quirks & Problems
Gabriel is very protective of human life and will not hesitate to place himself in harm’s way to protect or save an innocent life.

Marcus Daniels is a paramedic in St. Paul.

Last winter Marcus answered a call for a homeless man who was found unconscious behind a building. Marcus was able to revive the man, but he was suffering from extreme hypothermia and pneumonia. After transporting the homeless man to the hospital, Marcus stayed with him for several hours, before the man finally passed away. During this time the man was mostly incoherent and slipped in and out of consciousness. But during his few lucid moments, he and Marcus talked. Just before he slipped away, the man handed Marcus a necklace… a simple golden oval on a leather cord. He told Marcus that it was his responsibility now.. Marcus took the necklace, intending to pass it on to the man’s next of kin… but the man had no ID and had refused to give his name.

As Marcus walked out of the hospital in the early morning light, he slipped the leather cord over his head, and tucked it inside his shirt. As soon as the golden oval touched his bare skin, Marcus felt a burst of warm light inside himself. As he looked around, the world looked different. As he looked down at himself, he realized that HE was different. He looked back towards the hospital and in the reflection of the glass windows he saw a stranger looking back at him. He was taller, more muscular with long blond hair and wearing the leather armor of a Roman gladiator. Even more spectacular were the large white angel’s wings sprouting from his back and the flaming sword in his right hand.

Marcus quickly reached for the leather cord of the necklace that was still around his neck. He quickly slipped it off and immediately was returned to his own form.

Over the next weeks, Marcus experimented with his new form, learning to fly and learning to summon and dismiss the flaming sword at will. He also learned that with a few spoken words he could perform minor miracles, healing wounds and even curing the most horrible of diseases.

It was while testing out his new healing powers that Marcus was given his new name. An elderly woman that he had known his entire life was dying of a particularly nasty form of cancer. Marcus was still hesitant about the long term effects of using his healing powers, but this woman’s final days were filled with pain. He thought that if he could cure her cancer, that he could at least make her final days comfortable. He snuck in to the hospital in the middle of the night, and slipped the necklace on in her deserted room. He thought that she was asleep, but just as he completed his healing prayer, she opened her eyes. He quickly slipped from her room, hoping that she would think she was dreaming. But the next day she told everybody that would listen that she had been visited by “the Angel Gabriel” and the name stuck.



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