Ice Age


General Information

Character Name – Ice Age
Secret ID Name – Klaus Vinderson
Group Affiliation – North Star Heroes

Physical Description

Superhero Form

Age – Ageless
Sex – None
Height – 11’
Weight – 1000 lbs
Skin – None
Hair – None
Distinguishing Features – Giant Ice Construct, Harbinger of the Final Ice Age

Secret ID Form

Age – 40
Sex – Male
Height – 5’9"
Weight – 200lbs
Skin – Pale
Hair – White
Distinguishing Features – Eyes as blue as ice that has been frozen for millennia

Character Information

Outward Attitude
Kind and driven, especially when it comes to his students.

At first his goal was to find a way to reverse the effects of global warming, but with the awareness given him by his new powers, he looks to find the otherworldly forces that are causing it.

Routine Activities
At the University of Minnesota teaching, in his lab conducting research, or begging and pleading for grants so he can continue his research.

Financial Status
Barely making it.

A spattering of Aunts, Uncles, Nieces and Nephews scattered about Minnesota. Mom and Dad live in Duluth.

Enemies (and why)
None at the moment. Once he reveals himself there are bound to be enemies both good and bad who want to stop him.

Physical Problems
In human form skin is noticeably cold

Psychological Quirks & Problems
Has to meditate regularly as the Spirit of the Fimbulvinter constantly seeks to take control. Also has noticed he is a lot more unforgiving, both in the classroom and out, and has to be on constant alert.


Ice Age

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