North Star Heroes AI


18INT13-PER Roll 13-
4SPDPhases: 3, 6, 9, 12


_Robotic Limbs (2) per lab: _Extra Limbs (16)0
Power Defense (10 points)0


Absolute Time Sense
Eidetic Memory
Lightning Calculator
Speed Reading (x100)
Program: Monitor Base Functions, Report Anomalies
Program: Open/Lock Accessways
Program: Operate Sensors To Scan For Designated Phenomena/Object
Program: Scan And Enter Data
Program: Search Reference Material For Information On A Topic
Program: Send Emergency Call If Operator Incapacitated/Killed
Program: Send Emergency Call If Specified Protocols Are Not Met


Aeronautics 13-
Computer Programming 13-
Cryptography 13-
Electronics 13-
Forensic Medicine 13-
Mechanics 13-
Paramedics 15-
Security Systems 13-
Systems Operation 13-
AK: Twin Cities 21-
Google Searching
NOTE: Failed roll (-)1 to (-)3 didn’t find anything; (-)3 to (-)5 found the wrong thing; (-)6 found something you think is true
* AK: World Wide 11-
* AK: USA 13-
* CuK: World Wide 11-
* CuK: USA 13-
* CuK: Twin Cities 13-
* Science Skill: Universal Science 13-
KS: Archived Recent News 12-
KS: Current News 13-
KS: Movies Database 13-
KS: Music Database 13-
KS: Superheroes 15-
KS: Supervillains 15-


Psychological Complication: Always provides reports to PRIMUS on team (Common; Total)
Psychological Complication: Wants to get outside of confinement of base (Common; Moderate)
Psychological Complication: Practical Joker (Common; Moderate)

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North Star Heroes AI

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