Campaign Expectations and Norms


General Description This is an alternate reality of our own earth. The general history of earth where the North Star Heroes reside is one where there are super powered beings. There are mutants, aliens, super technology, evil and good organizations which are all trying to shape the future of this alternate earth.

Importance of the Player Characters In this campaign the player characters will have a major impact on the Twin Cities and Minnesota, minor impact on events in the upper Midwest and almost no impact on national or world wide events.

Role Playing vs. Combat North Star Heroes will be 75% combat vs. 25% role playing. The role playing will come out 90% of the time in the combat. That means you need to ‘role play’ the combat. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Think about the ‘catch phrases’ your hero uses in combat. For instance, Thing from the Fantastic Four always say before a fight “It’s Clobbering Time!”
  • Think about you describe your attacks and how your character ‘looks’ when he/she gets hit. Be prepared to describe the way that looks. Part of the ‘role playing’ in this game is simulating the actual comics books.
    • For example when my character, Apache Archer, an avatar/protector/spiritual guide for his people would fire his arrows I would say “Ok it’s my turn, you see Apache Archer start to shimmer a light blue. He reaches back and gets out his lightning arrow. You see his bow glow, where the string should be there is a blue line that appears and blue energy arrow appears. Ok I roll. Good I hit and it does X damage. Everyone sees that the arrow hits XYZ and it looks like blues lightning is enveloping them.”

This doesn’t mean every time you take an attack action you need to describe it. Maybe the first time and why you use it in an usual way.


Overall Tone

This campaign follows some general concepts around a Silver Age comic series. Please read more about Silver Age comic themes to understand this campaign tone.


Within the context of this campaign Good vs. Evil is mostly clear cut. It is expected that all player characters will take the psychological limitation Code vs. Killing. Characters should be motivated to do right thing.


The campaign will be realistic. That many of the mundane/common problems people have in their daily lives will impact your characters. An example of a realistic campaign can be seen in the Spiderman movies and comics. Peter Parker has to worry about making a living, whether his Aunt May is ok, studying for his next college exam, etc.

In an Extremely Realistic campaign daily life would enter every aspect of the game. Economics, politics, history and social issues would be ‘modeled’ in as realistic a way possible. All of these things would impact the characters in extreme ways.

A Very Romantic campaign would be like the recent Marvel movies. Where does all of Tony Stark’s money come from? How does Xavier come up with the money to run his school for the gifted? Don’t the neighbors near where Peter Parker lives wonder what all those strange sounds are outside the building, when he comes swinging in and out? How do those ‘fancy uniforms’ the Fantastic Four have really work? When the Hulk knocks down a building – how many people got killed? All of that is glossed over in a Very Romantic Game.

This campaign will be between those extremes.


In this campaign almost everything works out ok. Sometimes there are setbacks and defeats but as a general rule things generally work out well. That means taking quirky chances is a good thing.


This campaign will be more lighthearted than serious. There will be some very lighthearted moments. You might run into villains or situations that are downright campy. An example would be the movies Batman Forever or Batman & Robin where the ‘supers’ were often over the top in their personalities and there were some laughs (even though many of them were unintended).

That doesn’t mean you won’t find the characters in dangerous and serious situations (“You better retreat or I will throw this school bus full of children off the bridge into the Mississippi river!”), there will be.


The campaign is gong to be mostly episodic with some continuing stories. That means you will have recurring bad guys and they will remember the last time they meet you. But it doesn’t mean there will be an overarching epic story as part of this campaign.

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Campaign Expectations and Norms

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